The color of all images produced with our products is created by the process color format (CMYK). Due to the nature of our full-color printing, it is impossible for us to reproduce every color. We do not color match; however, we offer the print industry's standard of hi-resolution pleasing color. Many conditions determine how the final color is produced. All images you uploaded must be in CMYK format. Any images uploaded to us in any other format will be automatically converted to CMYK format. We will make every rational effort to print your product as close to the colors you have provided as possible. Please note that we require hi resolution images. (300 dpi). Lower resolution images may not reproduce well. We print what you upload. Poor quality images in results in poor quality images out!

CMYK format is an abbreviation of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Our digital presses make your final printed image from the use of these four separate colors printed in computer seperated images on top of each other. NOTE THAT when you view Images on your monitor, they are made up of only three colors projected – Red, Green and Blue. Digital computer monitor images saved are usually in the RGB format and when used should be converted to the CMYK format before you use them for printing projects on our website. Any RGB image used in printing files, created by you as our customer, will be printed using the CMYK process and if not converted to CMYK may not print correctly. When you use our Graphic Artist for any project, we will convert all RGB files to CMYK.

 Please note that because your computer monitor makes your viewed image with RGB, when printed will not, or may not, reproduce the same as you view on your monitor. Also, every monitor display color differently. Again, please be aware that what you see on your monitor may not print the same! 

We will not reprint any product because the color is off unless we feel that our process had an anomaly. We will not allow discounts to reprint unless it was our determination, we had an issue. To see how your product prints you could request a printed proof sample for an additional cost.