Jumbo Size Black Printed Raffle Tickets BOTTOM STUB - 3.5 x 8.5

Black Jumbo RaffleTickets have extra room to list quite a lot of information. Make as many proofs as you like! You don't pay until you check out. Our design studio allows you to edit your copy by changing fonts and font sizes, and move copy -  You may add grayscale images  however, any color image you add will print in grayscale (BLACK), even though your proof shows the image in color!!!  (See copyright restrictions)

ALL images uploaded should be Hi-Resolution at least 300 pixles per inch (ppi). If you desire color images we suggest you start over and select the a FULL COLOR ticket. "Remember "QUALITY IN - QUALITY OUT" WORKS THE BEST!!!!

Normally, orders are processed within up to three days. However, for larger orders (over 5,000) and orders requiring stapling or padding it normally takes thee days or more. In addition, orders received on Friday will ship the beginning of the next week, since we do not ship on Saturday. 

Our black printed Jumbo raffle tickets are printed on 67# vellum bristol cover weigh ticket stock - Cloice of 8 different color papers. The ticket size is 3 1/2  x 8 1/2 inches including the perforated stub. Pricing includes sequential numbering starting at 00001 OR a starting RE-ORDER number when indicated.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA Included through USPS, UPS or FedEx

Our orders are processed on a first-in first-out basis. However, FOR THOSE WHO NEED FASTER SERVICE, if Priority Service is selected, your order will be expedited prior to our regular orders. In fact, this could result in shipping your order the day it is received, depending on the time we receive your order.


  Write down pertinent information needed on your ticket - Event title, the origanization having the raffle, event location, description title of the raffle, list awards, drawing date, donation, sponsors, if the event includes items for participants, other pertinent information.

  On a blank piece of paper write each line of information as you would like it to appear on your ticket. For artwork write a circle with the art title inside.

  Organize any images needed on your computer and file them on your computer ready to upload when composing your ticket. Images should be HI-RES at least 300 dpi.  Images will all print in grayscale. You may upload a color image but it will still only print in grayscale.

  PLAN CAREFULLY on the quantity of tickets you need, the spelling of words, if you want padding or stapling and ANY special instructions.

  IF RE-ORDERING FOR A CURRENT ORDER make sure you select the YES question in the order details to the right under "Is this a Re-order?" and list the next starting number.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROOF READ YOUR ORDER CAREFULLY AND ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT IN BOTH YOUR TICKET COPY AND ORDER DETAILS! Unfortunately, we charge for any re-printing if due to customer error! Thank you for your understanding!

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