You can search your order history and re-order products. From time to time we adjust our website that may impact the ability to re-order some products. We will not be responsible for any loss of past customer orders. We will not be responsible to store older orders that are longer than two years. Once orders are processed and stored, we will assist customers to the best of our ability to re-order their content. Customers should not use their account to keep the sole copy of their order in our system. Please make a duplicate storage area on your computer to save any images, artwork, or wording of your product orders on your computer.

All text, graphics, designs, artwork, wording, etc., on your ticket, is approved BY YOU when you check out. You have an additional chance to edit your ticket in the shopping cart before you make your final commitment to process your order.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISSPELLINGS, WRONG PICTURES OR ARTWORK/ANY AND ALL TYPOGRAPHICAL MISTAKES on your tickets and we print the tickets as they come in.

What happens if you need a change in your order after you received your order confirmation?
When your order is received it is automatically put into production. Under normal conditions, your order is shipped from one to five or days depending on the quantity and job specifications.
If you cancel an order and we do manage to stop production on it before it is printed, there is a minimum additional charge of $25.00. If your order has been printed there is no refund.
Please email us as soon as you need to cancel or make a change on an order Email us at

If at any time you as a customer purchase additional items or services, we will bill you through our internet bank or credit you for any cancellation order you request that we approve.
Additional charges for cancellation or requests to adjust your ticket copy or any other reason:
Cancellation of an order before it is printed $25.00
EACH Change of copy with a new proof sent $15.00
Address change after receipt of order $5.00
Upgrades on shipping – Charged at the appropriate rate plus $5.00

We realize that customers order products with a special request because they can’t order exactly what they need online either because the product they need isn’t available or they just approve an order thinking that we will just complete their request.  We will try to, the best of our ability, to accommodate requests.  Please note that once we receive a special request additional production time will most likely be required. Additional charges may also apply.
The best thing to do would be to send us an email with your request before you order.

We give you a special method to hire our Graphic Artists to make up beautiful graphics with every product. The base rate for this service is an additional $35.00 on up depending on the project that you give us. This service will add time to production depending on your edit changes and proof approval.

From time to time customers accidentally order the same order twice. We will make every effort to catch this event when it occurs however, we cannot guarantee that our staff will notice a duplicate order, and the duplicate gets printed. Unfortunately, there is no refund for duplicate orders.

Generally, most orders will ship from one to five working days. Bindery work such as stapling, padding, or other requests will add an additional day(s) depending on the work required. Orders approved after 11 AM will be entered into production the following production day (Not including weekends).

We offer, at an additional charge of $25.00, a priority service. If you choose this additional service our production staff will place your order ahead of other orders. This service will speed up the production of your order.


We offer products that are aggressively priced. Print Broker Re-sellers should take advantage of our products to re-sell them. Regardless, if you are a re-seller OR a tax-exempt organization, we require you to fill out your proper re-seller or tax exemption paperwork before we allow you to process orders without tax. You may not simply list your tax reseller or exemption number in your order. We need the paperwork! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Note that next day air & 2nd-day shipping does not mean that you will receive your order in one or two days after you approve it. The shipping is the time that your raffle tickets will take to reach you AFTER they are printed. HOWEVER, we do not guarantee that your package will reach you in two days even if you pay additional for the second-day service. Example: If we finish your order and ship it on a Thursday or a Friday you will most likely receive your second-day shipment the next Monday. We are also not responsible for any shipping delays including weather. Our ground shipping is usually through the US Post Office Priority Mail and normally on most orders, it will take up to three days to receive your shipment.